Culm Valley Mission Community

For a good look-back on the formation years  of the CVMC, have a look through a  Presentation, which was used at the official launch/ commissioning service for the CVMC. Latest newsletter Spring (March) 2011.

CVMC Launch

On Tues 27th April 2010, the CVMC was officially Commissioned by the Bishop of Crediton, the Right Revd. Robert (Bob) Evens, in a special service at St. Mary's Church Uffculme.

These 4 parishes agreements to share various personnel and resouces for specific purposes as enshrined in the "Mission Action Plan" now have the go ahead from the Diocese.

... some examples of the agreements already up and running:
  • having 1 jointly run children's holiday club instead of 2 or more smaller versions individually run in the parishes
  • the sharing around of licensed vicars, readers, retired clergy, etc as appropriate within the 4 Parishes - (and from Cully too!) PROVEN invaluable during the recent interregnum at Willand (which was Vicar-less for many months).
  • the massively important youth-work being fired-up by Selina from Uffculme: school visiting; a camera club; many many social/ and/or Spiritual events; life changing weekend "retreats" - Lee abbey etc; obtaining a stream (rather a river - see "Youth" page) of youth workers who come and help Sunday kids classes ...
  •  the 100% sucessful setting up of a men's group by Julian Garner from Uffculme ...

Rev. Selina and Julian

CVMC buildings
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We (CVMC) have 3 full-sized churches, 1 each in of the village Centres of Willand, Uffculme and Kentisbeare. We have 1 Chapel of ease - Ashill, which covers the Eastern end of Uffculme Parish. Another Chapel, also in Uffculme Parish, which we use with permission and licence: Bradfield All Saints. Only 1 church hall between us though - in Willand. Not forgetting the "Square Corner" cafe in the middle of Uffculme.

Willand: the church of St. Mary the virgin. Originates from 1300's.

Uffculme: also St. Mary's.The largest of our churches. Originates from the 1100's.

Blackborough - just the churchyard with the recently (in 2010) returned/resited font  are all that is left of the building (All Saints, declared redundant on 19th July 1994, and with little or no notice, demolished soon after). Homes are used for meetings.

Ashill: St. Stephen's Chapel Built 1882. A chapel of "ease" built to take pressure off the parent parish church (St. Mary 
Uffculme) &/or reduce the distance travelled by parishioners.

Bradfield: All; Saints Chapel. Licensed for Divine Service as of 9th Sept 2002, and for Marriages as of 1st Mar 2009. Built for the Bradfield Estate, now used with the permission of, and owned by, the Uffculme Trust (a non-denominational trust established to support a range of village projects and causes).Built 1874.

Kentisbeare: yet another St.Mary's - church of St. Mary the
Virgin. Built circa 1260.

Willand Church Hall   see "Church Hall" for details

Uffculme Square Corner café

The Square Corner is situated in the Square at Uffculme (the church - see photo with arrow, not far away). It is used throughout the week for coffee mornings and other community activities.

Square Corner is available for hire  -- Contact Barbara Roach on 01884 250349.

CVMC Background

"Moving on in Mission & Ministry" (MOIMM) is the name of a report that the Exeter Diocese is using to restructure the Church of England in Devon into a network of "Mission Communities".

CVMC geographical area:

[+] indicates one of the 5 church buildings - see also map

Anglican Parish Village/Hamlet 
Blackborough Parts of Blackborough 
Kentisbeare Kentisbeare[+], Wressing, Pirzwell, Hollis Green, Saint Hill, Most of Blackborough, Orway, Stoford Water, Aller
Uffculme Uffculme [+], Bradfield [+], Smithincott, Yondercott, Craddock, Northcott, Ashill [+], Bodmiscombe
Willand Willand [+]


CVMC churches: Services
(6 buildings: 3 parish churches a village church and a landowner's chapel, and 1 church hall). Also check the latest newsletter.


See  services


see for the main church in Uffculme

and for the chapel of ease: Ashill church - St Stephen's

and for the ex-Landowner's Chapel at Bradfield, All Saints

Kentis-beare: see
Black-borough:  tba

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